Medication Refills

If either you or your child are on medication and in need of a refill, the appropriate place to discuss this is during a face-to-face appointment with Dr. Abenojar. This is important to monitor for any side effects as well as benefits, assessing the continued need for medication and adjusting the dose appropriately.  Please be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Abenojar before your medication runs out.

In the unusual event that your/your child’s prescription was lost/stolen, or you had an emergency that prevented you from coming to the appointment, then the “Online Medication Refill” request may be appropriate.  Please go to “Scheduling” section to book a Medication Refill Request. Dr. Abenojar will notify you when the prescription has been called in, sent, or is ready for pick up. This option should not be used as a substitute for face-to-face appointments on a regular basis. Note: This does not include any phone or in-person time with Dr. Abenojar. The time is spent reading the request, reviewing the medical records, calling the pharmacy or writing out the prescription, and documenting this in your/your child’s medical record. This service is not covered by insurance.

No refills will be provided after August 1, 2016.