Steps For New Clients

If you are a new client of Dr. Abenojar, the steps below will help you verify insurance benefits and schedule your first appointment.
Step 1: Complete New Client Online Intake Form

***For clients using insurance benefits, please do NOT schedule an appointment until benefits have been verified through my online intake form.

Online Intake Form

After you have completed that form:

  1. An “Acknowledgment of Insurance Benefits” form will be sent to you by email with your specific coverage in the next few days.
  2. Review, Sign, and Submit this form.

***For clients not using insurance benefits, please go on to Step 2 now.

Step 2: Schedule Initial Appointment

Schedule a 90 minute initial consultation appointment with Dr. Abenojar

Book online or by phone at (530)-643-7546

Step 3: Schedule Phone Consultation (optional)

Schedule an optional 15 minute initial phone consultation with Dr. Abenojar –no charge.

Book online or by phone at (530)-643-7546

Step 4: Submit Additional Info (for UCD Students using SHIP Insurance)

Please fax the UCD SHIP referral and bring the original to your first appointment

Fax: (888) 782-0169

Click to fax me now.

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